3 websites to follow to discover new music

Hi There! I want to share with you 3 websites to follow in order to always stay fresh with the latests songs. Every website has it own style to discover new music and has it own genrs.

HypeMachine is a great music blog to discover new music. They weekly update their lists, also you can listen each song. This is how they work:

Hype Machine indexes hundreds of music sites and collects their latest posts for easy streaming and discovery. We’re here to help you find the best new music first.

They have a lot of genrs available, also you can discover mixes and remixes. You can sort by genrs or mixes. Also have an app for android or iOS. They have a free version and “supporter” version which you can unlock many features.

MyPlaylist is a great website to discover and download the trending top songs of the moment. This website update their lists every 5th and 25th of each month. Also you can listen each song. This is how they work:

MyPlaylist goes to Spotify servers and receives the latest playlist that are actually playing around the world. Then displays to you every playlist that receives. At least 50 playlists are reached.

The principal genrs that MyPlaylist shows are: Hip Hop, Afro, Desi, Pop, Edm Dance and Latin. Also they have 6 more genrs you can discover. Each song downloaded is in high quality (320kbps).

MyPlaylist have a freemium version that show 7 playlists (1 or 2 genrs) And in Premium version you have access to all playlists.

Slider like his creator said in his twitter: “Just another music searcher”. In this website you can search almost any song are in the world and can download it in MP3 (high quality *320kbps)

Also, this website has a ‘Trick‘ to found new music: Go to the search input and type: “!top” (without double quotes).

I don’t know how it works, I think it’s “magic”. His creator does not say that. An amazing thing about this website… It’s absolutely free!!!


In summary, i think a great idea it’s to find music in Hype Machine and download it into Slider. Also stay in touch with MyPlaylist for the genrs that are not in your catalogue or other websites 😉

But, it is up to you!! 🙂 Happy Mixing!!


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