About MyPlaylist-YoutubeMp3

MyPlaylistsInc is the best service online for download all your playlist to MP3 or MP4 with one click,

You can also download a single video, this will convert the video to MP3 and downloads it automatically.

You only need to copy your URL video or URL playlist from YouTube and paste it in the entry. We do all the work for you ;), you don't need to install anything. Our service is compatible for: Windows, Mac (Not Iphone), Android, Mobile Phones.. (Any Browser (IE9 and above).

You can use the free service (you can only download playlist from 6 videos or less). Or you can Subscribe to a plan to download all your playlist's unlimited

If you are subscribed you can use it in anywhere only with your account.

-How we operate? We extract the MP3 from the flv file, convert it to MP3 and sends to your PC. We don't store any MP3 files.

Terms of Service

  • Our service can't download audio that is copyrighted. Sorry about that.
  • We work for better quality audio, but, this is extracted from video from YouTube, we depends from YouTube quality.
  • Please don't distribute copyrigthed files, it is illegal.
  • Use the downloads only for personal use, don't commercial it.
  • If you are the owner of the any video you don't want to download, please contact use for block it. Contact Us

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